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What is encaustic cement tiles??
Secoin encaustic cement tiles are hand-made, aesthetic tiles with many colored patterns used for floor and wall coverings.
Are the patterns on Secoin encaustic cement tiles painted?
No, the patterns are not painted. Liquid coloured materials are hand-poured into mould divider to create these patterns. They are actually a layer of approx. 2mm. Therefore, the patterns will last very long and never go away. There are many ancient buildings in which cement tile floors have been existing for more than 100 years but still very beautiful. We have a short video on How Cement Tiles are Made, with an explanation and additional photographs.
Should I expect shade variations or imperfections in this product?
Yes. Please be aware that cement tile is a handmade product. Cement tiles will not be identical from piece to piece. Slight variations such as size, shade, slight imperfections, irregular edges and the appearance of fine cracks are inherent to this product and can vary from piece to piece. This adds to the natural appeal and does not compromise the performance. Secoin does not warranty against shade variations. Any signed for material is considered accepted by the customer.
Is Secoin encaustic cement tile friendly to the environment?
Secoin encaustic cement tiles are considered “green” products. They are manufactured from natural materials (cement, sand, stone powder, pigment) under pressing process. Unlike ceramic or clay-burnt tiles, no heat is involved, so there is no consumption of fuel; no clay is used, so there is no consumption of agricultural land.
How thick are your cement tiles?
Our standard thikcness for cement tiles is 1.6cm for most of sizes, tiles may be up to 2.0 – 2.5 cm thickness for size 30x30cm. However, we have thinner tiles for walling with 1.2cm thickness.
I usually see white marks on the surface of normal cement tiles. What are those white marks?
The white mark you see is efflorescence. On Secoin encaustic cement tiles, the white mark is considerably less than normal cement tiles. This is because we are using a special additive which has the function of reducing efflorescence and preventing water absorption.

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