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Do hand made cement and concrete tiles have to be installed on a cement subfloor?

No, they can be installed on cement and wood subflooring. The former is preferable as it is a more stable surface for the tiles. Special care should be taken if installing over a wooden subfloor so that the tiles don’t crack as the subfloor expands and contracts. (Also, the wooden subfloor needs to be strong as the tiles are heavy.)

What do you use to glue down the tiles?

If the subfloor is even and in good condition, the tiles can be affixed with thin set. If the subfloor is uneven, a thicker mortar bed might be specified.

Can hand made cement and concrete tile be installed without leaving any gaps or grout joints between tiles?

No, it is best to have at least 1 to 2 mm of a grout joint. Still, that’s a much tighter grout joint than is typical with ceramic tiles, so the visual effect is more like a carpet.

Do I need to seal my floor? What type of sealer should I use?

Yes, cement and concrete tiles do need to be sealed. Like natural stone, cement is a porous material that absorbs stains and dirt if not sealed. There are two general types of sealers: penetrating and topical. Penetrating sealers are absorbed into the cement and make it more difficult for the stain to adhere to the cement.

Topical sealers sit on the surface of the tile and do not let the stain through. Among topical sealers, there are shiny and matte. The shiny sealers last longer than the matte sealers. Topical sealers are not generally recommended for exterior use as the sun will degrade them and they will need to be replaced more frequently. They will also make the surface of the tiles more slippery.

There are many different manufacturers of sealers. Consult with your installer regarding the best sealer for your project.

Does the floor need to be polished after tile installation?

The hand made cement tiles must be cleaned with a fine sand screen disc before sealing and buffed with a white pad after sealing. For more details, see Cement and Concrete Tile Installation Instructions.

What should the grout joints be filled with?

Fill the joints with grouting liquid. For the grouting color, you can choose either white grout or colored grout. White grout matches most of the cases. However, for colored grout, please choose the color which is the same with the color of tile or pattern in the tile.

Will the floor be stained by soda, wine or acids?

If it is correctly sealed, it will not absorb stains. Soda, wine, acids, etc. should not be left to sit on the tile as they will eventually eat through the sealer and stain the tile.

If something drops on the tile, will it break?

Cement and concrete tile is strong - especially when fully cured (a month after it was made) and should not break easily. However, if it does chip, it will generally not be apparent because the color layer is 2mm thick.

How do I maintain my hand made cement and concrete tiles?

The tiles should be cleaned with pH-neutral soap and water. Do not use any acids or bleach on these tiles! If sealed with a topical sealer, they may need to be resealed every couple of years.

Can I store the tiles for a while before installing them?

As long as they are kept in their boxes and away from moisture, they will be fine. They may show efflorescence (white film caused by salts in the cement drying on the surface) when they are taken out of the boxes, but that will come off during the installation process.

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