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What is the dimension of wooden pallet?

We have international standard pallet size: 113x93x98cm (length x width x height). Three layers in 1 pallet, each layer has 20 boxes.

How many sqm we could load in 1 container 20ft?

Each 20ft container can be loaded with 20 to 24 pallets depending on the maximum tonnage allowed by shipping companies. Each pallet has 60boxes equal to 28.8sqm, totally we could load 691.20sqm in 1 container 20ft.  Please refer our packing details list.

How the tiles are packaged?

Tiles are put into cartoon boxes, tiles are put face to face. Between the tiles, there are white papers to protect tile surface. Then, boxes are put into wooden pallets. Pallets will be loaded into container.

How much do they weight?

Each piece weigh 1.3kgs, 1 pallet has 720 pieces  à 936kgs (net weight). If included cartoon boxes and pallet weight, each pallet weigh nearly 1 ton.

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