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Secoin wish to keep the leading position in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing non-burnt building materials and environment-friendly products. Secoin products will not only be supplied to the domestic market but also be manufactured and distributed all over the world.


Secoin has been established, sustainably developed and gained our achievements on the basis of capturing the basic values: knowledge - technology - nature - human-being.

"Capturing the value of knowledge" - the aim to building up a company of grey matter on the foundation of science and knowledge.

"Capturing the value of technology" - the combination of the value of advanced technology with our country's potential.

"Capturing the value of the nature" - the value readily available natural sources is captured into Secoin products.

"Capturing the value of human-being” - it is not only the labour force but also the value we get from our cooperation with partners. The force from other foreign and domestic partners has helped created the strength for Secoin.

Secoin always focus into manufacturing environment-friendly products. Secoin products have the criteria of protecting the global environment and climate and being recycled. Not only creating the value for our own and maximizing the benefit of our shareholders, by our activities and our products, Secoin also wish to contribute to the well-being of the nation and to solve the current social and mankind problems.